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The factor about panic attacks is that unless you really endure from them, there is no way you are able to comprehend fairly how debilitating they can be to your life. And as soon as you’ve had 1, the likelihood of much more and much more occurring increases with each attack. So when we came across the 60 Second Panic Solution which promises to show you a method whereby you really can manage panic attacks, we’ve to admit to being somewhat cynical.


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But by no means let it be said that we put down a item with out providing it a fair opportunity to impress us (or otherwise…). So it was only fair that we place our money exactly where our mouth is, and delve deep into what the 60 Second Panic Solution is truly all about.

Anne Gibson-Steel is the licensed therapist behind this idea of utilizing your own body to control your anxiety and calm your self down. We frequently discover the web swarming with people who want to dupe you into believing something, but Anne has primarily based her theory on tested and attempted study. The 60-Second Panic Solution is basically our gateway to learning how to use our mind and physique to manage anxiousness. This technique, developed by Anna, is based on some strong scientific research.

What ‘s The 60 Second Panic Solution?

The 60 Second Panic Solution is really a unique natural therapy program for panic attacks and anxiousness that is based on Anna Gibson-Steel’s technique, which shows people how to use their mind-body connection to stop or stop panic attacks within only one minute.

The plan is geared to assist individuals face anxiety and get through tough circumstances with out experiencing a panic attack. It’s a totally natural way to tackle panic attacks, which means no drugs are required. It is supposed to assist individuals who have panic attacks, anxiousness attacks, or even panic problems which have not been effectively treated. It’s, because the name suggests a 60 second method to provide relief from panic attacks.

The method is primarily based about quieting the ‘lizard brain’, and develops a connection with it (that you simply have most likely not had before) to assist you overcome the anxiousness. The lizard brain may be very best thought of as a component of the brain that offers resistance and tells us to be cautious, back off, quit trying, slow down, and all those other negative thoughts that can effortlessly trigger us to become anxious and have a panic attack. Once you realize how to connect with that part from the brain, and turn of those messages that cause anxiety, you’ll be in a position to overcome panic attacks and cope with life’s ups and downs much more successfully.

Who’s Dan Alexander?

Dan Alexander, an ex-panic attack sufferer, explains that he worked with Anna, a well-known certified holistic therapist from Ireland, to be able to extend her unique answer to other people who endure from panic attacks. To make a lengthy story brief, the 60 Second Panic Solution program is the final result of their collaboration.

Based on Anna Gibson-Steel, individuals who endure from intense panic attacks, even without the threat of imminent danger, do so simply because their natural flight-or-flight response goes haywire. If left uncontrolled, Anna says it could result in forms of dementia or Alzheimer’s illness.

Anna elaborates that anti-anxiety medicines are not for long-term use and they only mask the symptoms of anxiety, and don’t address the underlying cause. To properly deal with this scenario, the 60 Second Panic Solution offers easy however potent techniques that can be learned within 20 minutes and only take you 60 seconds to implement.

What is includes within the Ebook?

The 60 Second Panic Solution is provided in an E-Book format and also the program is broken down into three extremely detailed actions. These are provided in various methods, and consist of the following:

  • Discovering the Triggers: that are the important to your panic attacks starting. Occasionally this could be something that you’re not even aware of. As soon as you comprehend this important element from the problem, then you are well on the way to discovering a way to orchestrate a permanent cure.
  • Understanding the Signs: that herald the onset of a panic attack. There are subtle modifications that happen when an attack is building, and having the ability to recognise them is a massive step towards becoming in manage.
  • Additional Understanding why your Brain goes into panic overdrive: Simply because understanding is one of the most potent weapons in your armour with regards to manage of panic attacks.
  • Acquire back Manage of one’s Life: with easy to follow exercises and techniques that literally enable you to switch off the panic switches inside your brain – all carried out by completely natural and safe techniques. You will find no drugs or medication involved in the 60 Second Panic Solution method.
  • This is just a snapshot of what’s integrated in 60 Second Panic Solution. This 145 page E-Book will take you by the hand and walk you through the complete procedure.


Should to You Try This Plan?

In the event you endure from panic attacks, and also you have not been in a position to overcome them, then yes – you should try this program. You have absolutely nothing to shed using the money back assure, and if it functions for you, then you definitely possess a future totally free from anxiousness attacks and full of courage to move via fears and out of one’s comfort zone.

The Bottom Line

Nicely, contemplating that we went into this thinking that the 60 Second Panic Solution was going to be a total waste of cash, we’ve to say that we’re holding our hands up in total surrender. And that is simply because it truly does do precisely what it promises within the title – a genuine remedy for panic attacks.

But what’s also so great about 60 Second Panic Solution is that you do not even need to take our word for how effective it is. That’s due to the money back assure, meaning you can purchase it, follow the plan, and if it doesn’t work for you, you are able to get each red cent of your money back. And that makes giving it a try a little of a no-brainer, in our humble opinion…


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