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From desk jockeys to endurance athletes, just about everyone suffers from tight hip flexors sooner or later. The muscle tissues in and about your hip joint might be responsible for your back pain, the funny twinge inside your knee or the tension you really feel just about every time you do crunches. After you comprehend the underlying trigger of your discomfort, it is possible to take action to Unlock Your Hip Flexors and regain mobility.Unlock Your Hip Flexors is really a program that will surprise you. You are going to be amazed that a lot of your fitness, wellness and flexibility is often affected by a single very simple muscle inside your physique. Your decrease physique as well as your hip flexor muscle is stronger than you realise and this system will show you the way to unleash that energy.


Product Name: The Unlock Your Hip Flexors Program
Website URL: http://hiddensurvivalmuscle.com/
Author: Rick Kaselj & Mike Westerdal
Bonus: Yes

Sitting is among the worse habits that plagues modern day males and females with lots of easily avoidable ailments. You’ve almost certainly heard that a sedentary lifestyle is unhealthy, but you also did not get the answer as to why that’s the case.

Our body was not made to invest a lot time in a sitting position as we frequently do presently. This destroys the flexibility of our hip muscle tissues, and an in particular neglected muscle group known as the hip flexors, and causes strain and tension inside the pelvic region too.

About the Unlock Your Hip Flexors;

As I alluded to above, Unlock Your Hip Flexors can be a plan that teaches you ways to loosen up your muscles and allowing you to really feel and appear far better and have additional power. The plan is very straightforward and absolutely everyone can use it successfully.

Written by Kinesiologist and Injury Specialist Rick Kaselj, MS and Mike Westerdal, CPT and founder of criticalbench.com, Unlock Your Hip Flexors is really a two-part product-containing a manual plus a DVD-detailing a sequential flow of ten exercises, created to stretch and strengthen these elusive, however significant, muscles.

The DVD contains two videos. first; an instructional coaching video, in which Rick walks the viewer by means of each workout in detail, walking by means of each movement in order that the viewer essentially understands what’s happening, too as why. Correct type, how it must feel, detailed instruction; all covered. The second video is your considerably more common exercise video; workouts performed in sequence, made to be followed in addition to as aspect of a workout routine.

The second part of your product-the 63-page Unlock Your Hip Flexors Manual-goes into more detail on your hip flexors. The effects that a tightened, shortened psoas muscle can have on an individual’s all round health and physical wellness; at the same time as additional detail on the advantages that a loosened, powerful psoas can have. Additionally, it provides more detail on the ten exercises, with illustrated examples for higher clarity.

What is Hip Flexor?

Any motion in which muscle tissues bring bones closer collectively is known as “flexion”. If you pull your legs toward the body or lift your abs toward your legs, the hip flexors would be the muscles accountable for the movement. This group of various muscles is positioned deep in the body, so you may not even be conscious of them till you start to experience discomfort from tightness or overuse.

The important muscles in the hip flexors are collectively named the iliopsoas and consist from the iliacus and the psoas important. The iliacus muscle starts in the top rated with the pelvis and connects to the femur. The psoas begins in the lumbar area of the spine and stretches down to meet the identical bone. Numerous supporting hip muscles aid in movement, like the sartorius, pectineus and tensor fasciae latae. 1 quadriceps muscle, called the rectus femoris, crosses the hip joint and is also regarded a hip flexor.

This complex group of muscles work collectively with tendons and ligaments whenever you run, ride a bike, do a “rock difficult abs” workout or participate in sports involving sprinting. Hip flexors have to be sturdy and flexible to assistance these movements. Tight muscle tissues boost the danger of injury and may bring about discomfort even when you’re at rest.

Introduction & About the Authors

Inside the foreword and introduction aspect with the book the author (Mike Westerdal) introduces himself and tells the story of just how vital your hip flexors are. He also tells a few stories about how his coauthor and mentor – Kinesiologist and Injury Specialist Rick Kaselj – has helped a ton of people get rid of various injuries and pains.

According to Mike, Rick is one of the few injury specialists he met who in fact helps athletes get back to training after an injury instead of urging them to avoid workouts altogether. Also, Mike says that Rick has

  1. helped him get rid of his never easing shoulder pain,
  2. helped Mike’s wife get rid of pain and discomfort in her hips after their son Lincoln was born,
  3. helped Critical Bench’s own Head Strength Coach Chris Wilson “cure” his tight hip flexor problem that was caused by sitting all day.


Does Unlock Your Tight Hip Flexors work?

First of all, if you google tips on how to improve hip flexibility, there are hundreds of articles that provide pretty significantly the exact same few solutions: use a foam roller, or a tennis ball, and stretch the tissue and hopefully you’ll soften the muscle and it will turn back to normal.



Cick to Check The Unlock Your Hip Flexors Program Bonus Details.

Imagine if you were in the gym for the very first time, and you try to target your back muscle tissues with an isolation exercising. Chances are that most with the perform is done by your biceps and shoulders because you still haven’t developed the mind-muscle connection necessary to isolate the back muscle.

Now imagine a muscle like hip flexors that you’ve never trained, and which is so hidden inside that it cannot be simply impacted by weights or machines.

In order to train it properly, you want not only special exercises, but also a special training approach with the correct sequence in which the workouts are performed.

It also requires you to approach the muscle from different angles, otherwise unlocking the flexors would take a very long time. This is where the Unlock Your Tight Hip Flexors plan truly does wonders.

Rick Kaselj is actually a training expert who is generally named upon by major professional athletes when they suffer muscular injuries. They don’t have time to rest for weeks or months due to their scheduled competitions. They need to alleviate injuries or train by way of them and grow stronger as a result.

Rick has developed a system of loosening the tension of your supporting muscle, which often gets tense from being overworked or remaining in the very same position for a long time (like during sitting). This makes his approach quite revolutionary.

He’s had the most success with hip flexor perform, which is why this plan of his is popular among the general public at the same time. The program contains 6 different approaches that are all needed in order to unlock the hips.

Why You Should Stretch Your Hip Flexors?

Tight hip flexors negatively affect the results you get from your workouts! Everybody loves to drop it like a squat, but to get a great squat you need to have great hip flexor mobility. In particular, if you want to hit those glutes for best results.

In other words, versatile hip flexors are going to help you get a far better booty! Not only that, having versatile, powerful hip flexors will help you get much better results from many abdominal workouts.

Tightness in this region also often goes hand-in-hand with anterior pelvic tilt, i.e. where your butt sticks out (much more than it ought to) and, if there’s too considerably tilt it isn’t great for the posture and as a result can contribute to back discomfort. Not to mention a negative effect on your athletic performance and just about each and every activity you do.

Getting versatile in this area can help to correct anterior pelvic tilt, particularly when combined with glute and core function, giving you a lot improved posture.


Are you ready to give it a try? This very helpful fitness system comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, so if it doesn’t perform for you just send it back for a full refund. This means that there really is no threat in giving it a try. Nearly absolutely everyone suffers from the problem of tight hip flexors in our modern day society, so there is really a good chance that this problem affects you also.

You’ll be amazed by how a great deal of a difference having supple and powerful hip flexors will make in your flexibility, fitness, comfort and general well being. Get your copy of Unlock Your Hip Flexors by clicking the “Add To Cart” button below now and get started!

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